If one of my little sissy slaves has finished all

her chores and has gone above and beyond

to please me for the week they are rewarded

with a quick release.

I love going to work everyday knowing all my sissies are perfectly locked up where they belong counting down the minutes till I am home and they can serve me.

Forced Feminization

Bow down and submit

I love humiliating my little sissies by

dressing them up!  Their little 1 inchers fit perfectly in panties so I couldn't resist!

If the panties fit, it must be a clit!

Since sissies are useless pleasing me sexually I have put them to use as my little slaves. They must cook and clean for me. I keep a tidy home and expect every square inch squeaky clean at all times!

Locked up

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Roxana Rae

Sissies in panties


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